Q-lottery-game! Let's get 'real' random number using quantum computing for lottery game!

<Qiskit (quantum information software kit) & Streamlit.>

There are two kinds of random number generation. One is using ‘pseudo’ random number generation in classical computing, another is ‘true’ random number generation using the physical phenomenon like quantum physics.

I used IBM cloud base quantum software library ‘Qiskit’ to generate random numbers using quantum circuit. (https://qiskit.org/)

But, real RNG couldn’t increase the probability of winning of lottery, please just use if for fun. :rofl:

Here is ‘Q-Lottery-Game’ : https://share.streamlit.io/denny-hwang/q-lottery-game/main/main.py

Thanks and have a good luck.


I’m using Birth-day entangled Q-RNG when I play French Lottery.

My new favorite sentence :slight_smile:

Great app!

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Thanks @andfanilo. Have a good luck!

Great app :clap::clap: