Query_params warning from st_paywall

Can anyone help with this one? Thank you in advance


from st_paywall import add_auth




The code you have provided is incomplete, it is missing where you use st.experimental_get_query_params.

i did not use the st.query_params at all, this single line gives error

what you are getting is a warning, not a code error.

I understand, but why do i get the warning? Would my web app works after 04-11-2024 like it is working now?

if you want the application to be unaffected by updates, you should work with virtual environments,


# Create a virtual environment
python -m venv myenv

# Activate the virtual environment
# On Windows
# On macOS/Linux
source myenv/bin/activate

There is a critical open issue on st_paywall. Be careful in using it or not use at all for a moment. Also the use of experimental_get_query will soon become problematic as you had discovered.

As an alternative, you can use the streamlit oauth when using google account to login on your app. I tried this locally and it worked.

Just in case you want to explore more about this google auth method, I have my own implementation of google user authentication. This is not a library that can be found in pypi. It works both locally and in the cloud under test mode meaning only those email I allowed can access the app. The google auth functions can be found in modules/google.py.

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Thank you very much for reply! Would you be able to provide any information when this issue should be fixed? I rely on st-paywall, without which my website would not function as needed. And for how limited my programming experience is, streamlit along with st-paywall provide exactly what I need. :disappointed_relieved:

You may visit the st_paywall github repository. Look under the issues, commits, new releases dev log.

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