Updated to 1.30, now getting a Query_params warning

I’m running my app on render.com, and I recently updated it to run Streamlit 1.30. I’ve never used the query_params feature to my knowledge in the past, but use session_state extensively.

Upon upgrading to 1.30, I noticed this warning appearing.

Please replace st.experimental_get_query_params with st.query_params.

st.experimental_get_query_params will be removed after 2024-04-11.

Refer to our [docs] for more information.

Any thoughts into why I am getting the warning, when not using st.experimental_get_query_params? Thank you,

Hi @eightm , thanks for posting this.

where are you seeing this deprecation warning? Do you have a code sample that I can see where I can reproduce?

A code sample may be difficult, as I have a multipage app, 4 pages, and each page is thousands of lines and receives the warning display. Perhaps that points back to the app.py file. But there is no reference to query_params there. Might be easier to do a screen share… I’d rather not post up all the code.

Is it possible for custom css or html markdowns to trigger the warning?

There’s no usage of experimental_get_query_params in any of the code?

None that I can find. Searching for query_params finds no hits.
I’ll keep looking around though.

Ensure you’re not doing search with exact word match, and maybe its in a third-party package :man_shrugging:t4:

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It may be because I use streamlit-analytics. That affixes “/?analytics=on” to the url to view. I’ll try disabling that to see if it goes away.

This was the culprit, using streamlit-analytics caused the warning to appear for query_params. Disabling streamlit-analytics removed the warning.

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Ask the developer to update the package or submit a PR.

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