Question about date_input and the start of the day of the week

Good afternoon, I ran into a problem when using date_input. For some reason, the beginning of the week starts on Sunday, is there a way to change the beginning of the week to Monday?


part from source code:

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I’d be interested in this too :eyes:

In my country (France) it’s very uncommon to start weeks on Sundays rather than Mondays and it tends to confuse users of my apps.

Also some businesses have business weeks starting on different days (I work in the music industry where weeks go from Fridays to Thursdays) so being able to customize this behavior would be great!

+1. It is common in Norway as well to start the week on Monday. Often I find that I’ve selected the wrong date in my apps due to this!

Is there a workaround, or a feature request? Guess it could be easily fixed by passing an argument to st.date_input(setfirstkweekday=Monday) or something, or perhaps looking into the users locale?