Question about Expander and radio

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hello everyone.
I created code that, when I click a button, creates 20 expanders containing radio buttons.
It ran normally, but
If I select the radio button belonging to any expander,
All 20 expanders created will disappear.
but selectChoice method called successful in my code.
What could be the problem? Below is the code I wrote.

import streamlit as st

def selectChange(index):    
    choice = st.session_state[‘exp%s’%index]
    print(index, choice)

if st.button("Make 20 Expander"):
    for i in range(20):
        exp = st.expander('Custom radio button VS Native radio button %s'%i)
        exp.header('Custom radio button')
        custom_choice =
            label='pick one',
            options=['option 1', 'option 2', 'option 3'],
            on_change=selectChage, arts=(i,)

Hello @Byungchul_Jung, buttons do not save their state, so after you interact with the radio option, the button goes back to False. You can find a better explanation of that behavior here in section 1. Buttons aren’t stateful:

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