R10 error on Heroku

Unable to deploy streamlit code with heroku.
Error R10 (Boot timeout) -> Web process failed to bind to $PORT within 60 seconds of launch
Please help

Same problem here. Please help

Any solution yet? Requesting help…Tried updating python version, made sure proc file and setup.sh file are correct. Couldn’t resolve the issue.

proc file:
web: sh setup.sh && streamlit run app.py
mkdir -p ~/.streamlit/

echo "
port = $PORT\n
enableCORS = false\n
headless = true\n
" > ~/.streamlit/config.toml

I could deploy my app through heroku CLI option without error…Proc and setup file are the same as mentioned above in my comment…steps followed through heroku CLI (myapp is the name of herokuapp which should be unique)

  1. $ heroku login
  2. $ cd your-proj/
  3. $ git init
  4. $ heroku git: remote -a myapp
  5. git add .
  6. git commit -am “comment for commit”
  7. git push heroku master

Did anybody find solution to R10 error ? I have tried to change Procfile and requirements file, even I created new repository on Guthub, but no luck so far. If someone knows how to resolve this problem, please post a solution.

I was running into a similar problem but was able to solve it by creating a new repo from scratch. Could’ve sworn it was something to do with switching from pipenv that was messing up the proc file. But guess that might not be the case if @ash2data you’re still getting the error :confused: