Heroku docker deployment issue

Error msg + Docker + Procfile + requirements.txt
Link https://pastebin.com/FiYQhfAT

Heroku error
TLDR : Error R10 (Boot timeout) -> Web process failed to bind to $PORT within 60 seconds of launch

Steps I took and no error too

heroku login
heroku container:login
heroku container:push web
heroku container:release web

tried to access http://blahblah.herokuapp.com:8501

I have some questions.

  1. Usually I would just want to deploy with AWS EC2 so I’m confused with line 23. I remember I did not use Port and I was able to deploy successfully in AWS. I added because I saw the port error.

  2. if the Profile has streamlit run app.py , do I still need it at Dockerfile?

  3. How do I fix the error?

Side track
For AWS ( Usually it’s 8501 ).
If I change EXPOSE to 88 and
docker image build -t streamlit:app .
docker container run -p 88:88 -d streamlit:app