Real-time Pothole Detection Web Application: (It throws an error if the system received wrong image) **Speciality*"

Dear Streamlit Community,

I am thrilled to introduce a real-time, camera-based pothole detection system that I have developed. I kindly request your valuable feedback on my web application.

A distinguishing feature of this application is its ability to issue a warning when users attempt to capture irrelevant images. Many Streamlit detection apps suffer from the drawback of predicting irrelevant images, which is a significant flaw in the realm of object detection and image classification. To address this issue, I have created a web application that actively alerts users to irrelevant images, preventing them from being uploaded.

Moreover, I am reaching out to the Streamlit community to request support in promoting my web application. This tool will be incredibly valuable to individuals working on object detection, providing an effective solution to a common problem.

You can access the application through the following link: Link to Pothole Detector Web Application

Your input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Chakka Guna Sekhar Venkata Chennaiah

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Thanks for sharing! It would also be helpful to also include some example images so users can try out the app.

Thanks for the advice. I have provided some examples in my second page with an description. Here is my LinkedIn blog:-

The blogs will guides you.

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