Remote Connection issue - URL accessible, but no layout shown

Hi streamlit team,

My app runs perfectly fine on my locahost in Chrome. I took care of port forwarding, and I can access the remote URL, but the app freezes on ‘connecting’. Please see screen shot.

I came across this issue How to bind IP without using Docker

I am on Ubuntu 16.04. I don’t have config.tmol file @ ~/.streamlit/, but I have credentials.toml and it has only the following lines:

email = ""

Any idea what the issue is here?

I wonder if this is similar situation as my post.

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Thanks @pybokeh for your kind follow-up. This could be the same issue indeed. The problem is that I don’t have this file “config.toml” on my system for some reason. Where is it located? I am using Ubuntu 16.04 with Python 3.6.8.

Thanks again!

It seems it’s a bug indeed.

But any thoughts of streamlit generating a rendered html page which we can integrate with flask?

Per their docs:

Look at the section titled “View all config options” You can create the config.toml file if it doesn’t exist.