Remove messages like - "AxesSubplot(0.125,0.11;0.775x0.77)" when rendering plots in app

Hi! whenever I’m displaying plots in the streamlit app I get messages like these -“AxesSubplot(0.125,0.11;0.775x0.77)”. What should I do to remove them. When I’m making Q-Q plots then a whole array of numbers is displayed which is annoying.

Hi @Himalaya, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Can you post the code that you are doing that shows this problem?

The issue is now resolved. I’m really sorry to bother you with this silly question. I was having the issue because I was doing - “st.write(sns.countplot(x = i,data = df, palette = ‘rainbow’))” which was the reason of this message appearing - "AxesSubplot(0.125,0.11;0.775x0.77)”. I have now removed that line of code and now only the figure is displayed.

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