Replicating Streamlit's Gallery layout

Hi everyone.

I’m currently developing a streamlit-based website and would like to mimick the layout used in Streamlit’s App Gallery: a catalog with different “cards” which include an image and some text elements per data entry.

Is there any template / source code publicly available? I found something similar from Streamlit Components Hub (github repo here) but it’s not reactive and I would have to adjust the spacings.


Hi @rodrigoas,

Unfortunately our website isn’t open-source, but there are a few apps that mimic the app gallery format – here’s an example (and here’s the associated GitHub repo).

Thanks @Caroline! Just recently I also found another example like that one (link, GitHub repo).

Hope this post can help other streamlit users. I’m really amazed with this tool and have been advertising it to my colleagues :slight_smile:

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