Rerun function not working after deployment

When running locally, I had no issues. However, once deployed, the app started to not behave the way I anticipated.

I deployed it in local internal server.

Python version: 3.11.5
Streamlit version: 1.31.0

For some info, when my app begins, it uses the date the app got initiated to make an updated query. Using this query, I successfully retrieve information from a DB.

In addition, I also added a โ€œreloadโ€ button to reinitiate the process in case the data is not up-to-date. (I build this in case the deployed app did not have updated data)

However, ever since I deployed the app, the data has not been updated. Furthermore, the reload/rerun functionality doesnโ€™t seem to work. However, every other widgets work fine.

Iโ€™m guessing this issue is due to

  • caching
  • streamlit losing its capability to rerun the script once deployed
    • not sure if this is true but Iโ€™m assuming it

I would appreciate any help!!

Can you share a minimal, executable code snippet or link to your repository?

st.rerun works fine both locally and remotely, but itโ€™s difficult to provide guidance without understanding how you are reading, writing, and caching your data.