Rerunning app leads to blank response

I have an app that runs normally when I change the inputs, but when I click ‘rerun’ it leads to a blank response with only st.markdown outputs.
It works only when I clear the cache and ask it to rerun.

It was working well until last couple of days but I started observing these issues today.


I found a solution to this issue after discussing this with @amey-st
The issue related to annotating functions with st.cache.
The st.cache function creates index results/cases for each input value and I was using it for a function that results in a plot (matplotlib plot). Hence, rerunning the function with the same value was leading to empty output. Now, I have moved the function to the right locations (places where I import data from open source databases) and removed it from the plotting function. Looks like the app is behaving appropriately with this change.

Any additional suggestions to improve the performance are welcome.