ResolvePackageNotFound: m2w64-toolchain, libpython. Environment.yml


I’m trying to deploy a Streamlit app which has the following dependencies (passed as environment.yml):

Some of these libraries (e.g. libpython and m2w64-toolchain) should really be installed using conda, so passing them as pip dependencies is not an option unfortunately.

When I deploy the app, I get the following error:

Both modules are available in conda channels Libpython :: and M2W64 Toolchain ::, which I provide in environment.yml.

Could you please help me solve this?

App dependencies - Streamlit Docs

Hi @Franky1, I have an environment.yml in the repo: what are you suggesting to do?

For binary dependencies, add a packages.txt file?

Sorry, but I don’t understand how this would help?

I can install the libraries in local (Windows OS) and I assume that Streamlit deploys in Linux. I have found out that these libraries are conda installable on Windows only. Would it be possible to deploy in Windows then?

I don’t use conda, therefore i can’t help with these questions.
However, looking at your dependencies, i assume you don’t need these two packages and furthermore you cannot install microsoft packages on linux.
Remove these two packages and try again.
If you still have issues, please provide a link to your public github repo.