ResuLLMe: Enhance your CV with Large Language Models, powered by Streamlit

Hi everyone,

I built ResuLLMe, a prototype to enhance your CV using Large Language Models. It takes your old CV in PDF or Word Document format, feeds it to LLMs to improve it, converts it to a JSON Resume format, and then renders it to PDF using Jinja and LaTeX.

You can try it at As of now, it requires an OpenAI API key because we olnly support ChatGPT.

I wanted to share it because Streamlit let me build and deploy the app really quickly. Getting an UI and deployment going was super quick, which let me focus my efforts on taming ChatGPT


The source code for the app is at, if you want to see how it was built.

I want to also give a shout-out to stqdmn and streamlit-ext for providing useful components to my app.

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