Return the output of funtions on streamlit

Hello everyone,

I am a beginner at streamlit. I like it so much. However, I need your help in this :
I need to input a URL from the user ( already done ) then run some functions in python then the output of these functions needs to be printed in streamlit. I am stuck at this point :

  • how to get the output of those functions (does these functions need to be in another .py file and the main of streamlit in another .py file)

I would appreciate your help so much :heart_eyes:

Hi @Essefi_Ahlem,

Thank you for sharing with the community! Generally speaking, you can set the output of the function to a variable and print the value of that variable with β€œst.text(x)” for example. If you can provide a code snippet we might be able to give more specific guidance.