How can I retrieve messages from a Python functions and show them with a Streamlit component?


I am newbie to Streamlit and Python.

I don’t know how could I get the different messages generated by a function and show them with a Streamlit component?

Could you suggest me any idea?

Thanks a lot!

— Miguel

Hi @maoroshdez

You can use various Streamlit methods such as st.write(), st.markdown(), st.text(), etc. to display text and messages.

More info in the Documentations:

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

I don’t want to change the previous Python code. This code was developed to complete some administrative task for Tableau site.

My boss initially asked me to print the possible success or error messages without knowing that we would be using streamlit. This code was developed in Python.

Thank you again!


— maoh

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