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Hi there,

I just deleted my cloud app to redeploy it with a higher python version and when I try to use the same subdomain it says that is still in use. I’m sure nobody claimed since I tried to deplay de app just a few secons later after deleting it, could be that there is some cache issue or something like that?

I’m using this subdomain for a few months already so I really wish to be able to reclaim it :frowning:

I also tried to do a test with a new subdomain, deploy > delete > try to deplay with same subdomain and it worked without problem

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Hi @vitt0, welcome to our community!

I suspect that the subdomain might still be in a “cleanup” phase after the deletion of your previous cloud app.

I would suggest waiting a little longer and then trying again. If the problem persists, please let us know. We’ll be glad to assist you further.


Thank you for the fast reply, I will try again in a few hours :+1:

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I tried now again and saddly still says the same like the subdomain is already in use

I’ve liaised with the devs on this.

We’ll be back shortly, thanks for your patience.


Any update about this?

Wouldn’t it be possible if I tell you my subdomain to be “manually unlist it”?

Hello @vitt0,

@Alexandru_Toader is currently investigating.


Checking again, since is tanking so long wouldn’t it be possible if I tell you my subdomain to be “manually unlist it”?

Let me check with the devs regarding the status of this issue.

Thank you once again for your patience.


Hey @vitt0 , I’ve faced similar issues before.

If it doesn’t work out for you, I’d suggest getting a similar domain name for your streamlit app (the default one) and then attaching a cover or domain off goDaddy or Hostinger. I know it doesn’t fix the root issue but, when users try to access your app, your requested domain should be available.

Hope this helps!

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