Run Streamlit project from another page

Thank you for the great tool!
I build a digital cv with streamlit. In it, I would like to insert links to redirect to my different streamlit projects.
My resume is the, and the projects are in a projects folder.

|- projects
| |-
| |-

When I try to href to the different project, I get a blank page

:trophy: MOH- Detector”: “projects/”,
:trophy: MOH- Detector”: “projects/”,

for project, link in PROJECTS.items():

Could you help me please?

Than you!

The simplest thing is for you to put you other apps in a pages folder instead of projects so Streamlit can recognize them as other pages in your app.

Streamlit doesn’t operate like a simple webhost; for the user, they can’t navigate directly to the things in your working directory.

You can customize how the navigation menu looks a little bit with st-pages:


Thank you very much for your answer.
It’s seems the only way.
I didn’t want navigation menu, because it’s a bit messy to display it in a resume. May be with some customizing it will be better
Again Thank You!



Another way would be deploying each project as an independent application.

It could be a solution if I had only one project but for my resume + 3 projects, it’s mean take 4 different domains.

Streamlit Cloud gives you that for free but I don’t know what your options are with other providers.

I didn’t know that.
I’ll check Thank you! It could be a great alternative

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