Run Streamlit remotely with AWS: need to use other systems like nginx?

Hi all,
I used an AWS EC2 instance to deploy my Streamlit app … everything is running ok, but I thought this setup was enough to get my app available by anyone.
I’m wondering whether I have to use other systems like nginx, to get my app publicly available ?

Hi @blob123 -

You don’t have to use nginx, but it can often make it more convenient. One thing to keep in mind for AWS is that by default, the firewall is set very restrictively so that you don’t accidentally leak your information out. So the first thing I would check here is that port 8501 is open to traffic.

Tools like Apache2 or nginx are helpful if you want to do port forwarding, such as when you want users to be able to come to instead of But it’s not strictly required.


Many thanks Randy for your reply.
But does it mean I have to make sure the port 8501 is open on any recipient computer ?
If yes, this seems super inconvenient…

No, you just need to allow incoming traffic to your server on port 8501.

Thanks so much Randy