Running Streamlit in Google Cloud Run

I’ve deployed Streamlit as a Google Cloud Run Service. As mentioned in other topics, it’s expensive.

I’ve found that a health check and a host-config request is made periodically which keeps the server up.

I would like to configure Streamlit so it stops this periodic health checks until the streamlit app is used again.
I haven’t found a config option so I’m planning to add this feature.

Am I missing something?

This are the pingued URLs:

I understand this is the source of the requests.

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@Martin_Sarsale have you been able to find a fix for this issue? in this thread from last year (Streamlit app on Google Cloud Run is expensive - :rocket: Deployment - Streamlit) they say that upgrading to 1.19.0 fixed the issue, but clearly it is back in later versions. I tried downgrading to 1.19.0, but that broke other things. If there is no other fix for this I might try to explore that route further though.

Did you finally find a way to stop these pings? My app is also running non-stop and it’s really expensive, and I have diagnosed the same issue, calls to those endpoints that return 404s.

Nop, I started analyzing the code to submit a patch but then, I got g0ogle cl0ud cr3dit for a few thousand usd so I left this problem for later :slight_smile:

Damn, lucky you. I ended up killing the service altogether

It’s a shame. Maybe we could write a feature request together?