Streamlit app deployment expensive on cloud run

Hi everyone.
We have deployed streamlit app on google cloud run.
Streamlit version โ†’ 1.31
With 1 gb container, 1 vcpu and minimum to moderate traffic itโ€™s costing us 1.5-2$ everyday.

Is there a way to deploy it on gcp with less cost?
We want application to be scalable for concurrent users.

Iโ€™m having the exact same problem. Itโ€™s because itโ€™s constantly pinging the health check endpoints (/_stcore/health , /_stcore/host-config , and /_stcore/stream ). This makes streamlit absolutely useless for a lot of use cases with GCP, and no one seems to either know why itโ€™s constantly keeping the container alive with those checks, or how to disable them. I see requests every 5 minutes or so in the logs, and Iโ€™m using version 1.32.

Note that my specific application is for testing purposes and has nearly 0 uses (which I can double check because the app makes api calls on another backend and that backend is absolutely dead) and itโ€™s still costing me 2$ daily, and of course I have min instances set to 0 (which you should check as well, having the one instance running in idle would produce the 1-2$ daily charge as well)

I have setup the min instance as 0 as well.
Planning to migrate this to compute engine.