S4T signup issues

@Marisa_Smith Not sure if others have the same experience, but
whenever I made a sign up on Streamlit team, I always get a message

Please answer all required questions.

So I couldn’t proceed even though all the questions are filled.

Hey @ratthachat.c,

Can you send a screenshot of when you get to this stage? I would like to pass that back to the eng team!


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@Marisa_Smith Thanks! Here’s the screenshot :slight_smile:

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Hey @ratthachat.c,

I’m just looking into this for you and will be back with more info as soon as I know more.

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Thanks again @Marisa_Smith . Was it only me? I thought this happen to everyone >__<

Hey @ratthachat.c,

Not sure yet, we have a number of systems we have to check for this. :sweat_smile:

In the meantime want to send me an email, with the details you would like in your account and we can chat more? :grin:


Hey @ratthachat.c,

After MUCH searching :face_with_monocle: I need a couple more details from you about how you were filling out this form.

Are using your browser’s form auto-fill feature or a password manager plugin/extension and if so what ones?


Turns out: there is a hidden field that no real person would be able to fill out. Only a bot would detect and fill out this field.

What happened was somehow that field was filled out, thus you were detected as being a bot and blocked from signing up. :scream: :robot:

We’ve not had an issue with this in the past but obviously, we don’t want this issue to happen to anyone else!

If you can get back to me we can fix this and make sure it doesn’t happen to others!


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Hi @Marisa_Smith
Thanks so much!
Yes I used auto-filled-in from Chrome.
So that’s the key !!
(Did not use password manager)

So I was detected as a bot :sweat_smile: ,
I am not

Still wondering that I am the first one who used
auto-fill ? I thought it is common

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Hey @ratthachat.c,

Can you send me the chrome version number as well?

Yes, I am surprised by this as well. Once I get your browser version number I will send this on and get some answers.

In the mean time I can add you to our system myself (to help bypass this issue), if you send me the details you would like in your account I will do that right away!

P.S. I made this into its own thread as its really deviated from the original topic!

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Hi @Marisa_Smith Thanks again!
My chrome is Version 89.0.4389.128 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10.
My details to add is exactly in this picture

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