Safe sharing code?

Hello, I would like to get help with my code but is it safe sharing the code here on the streamlit forum? I mean, I would hate if someone took my code and just copied and deployed my app without permission. So, is it? :thinking:

This is a public forum so whatever the sensitivity of your code is, that’s for you to determine.

In the spirit of open source, it is common to put your code in a public GitHub repository with the appropriate license for what people are or aren’t allowed to do with it. (Of course, just because you say people aren’t allowed to copy your code wouldn’t prevent someone from ignoring you. In that case, it would be on you to enforce whatever restriction you declared, which the average person isn’t really in the financial position to do.)

So, if you think your code is something proprietary that you don’t want to risk someone stealing, the best thing is to create small code snippets that do just the thing you are asking about and no more. (This ends up being so much more helpful for community members anyways!)

For example, if you are having trouble displaying an image, then make very small app to just show an image. Provide a public domain image in your example repository so we have all the pieces to work with. This gives us a very small snippet of code to explore, while keeping your data and the larger scope of your project to yourself.

Another example, if you have some data frame that’s not working like you think, then mock up some very simple data with random information and show the little snippet along with the fake, micro data set so we can help you out.

Providing the smallest sample of code that can fully reproduce your issue all by itself is by far the favored approach from the standpoint of us community members. If I can copy and paste your snippet and run it without having to fill in the holes of data that I don’t have, functions that are undefined, or packages that aren’t imported, then that makes it real easy on me. :grin: