Machine Learning Model security aspect for streamlit

I have created a custom model which processes image and gives an output. The output is displayed on streamlit, if I give the public network url to another user, can he reverse engineer and see all my code. How secure is my model when I host it on streamlit platform ? Can the end user access my code ?

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Hey @ajinkya933 - welcome to Streamlit!

The Streamlit server doesn’t send your Python code to the web app, so your code is safe.

If you do want to share your code, you need to explicitly write it to the Streamlit app using st.echo, st.code, st.write, or something like that.

You should also, of course, adhere to good network security practices when putting anything on the public web :slightly_smiling_face:, to make sure there aren’t other services running on your machine that could expose you to baddies!