SESSION STATE doesn’t work on Network URL of streamlit app

I’m using streamlit app on VDI machine and hosted it on another windows VDI with huge memory and RAM . Now the network URL that is obtained when launching the app is shared across multiple users.
All the users are on same VDI network

The cross talk and closure of database connections exists in this scenario since Session state doesn’t work on this network URL

I don’t understand your premise that session state doesn’t work on a network url…

Each tab used to accessed your app will have its own session state. This is true whether those tabs are on different clients or even if they are in the same browser on the same client.

Now if you are dealing with database connections, you will certainly need to be mindful of how you are opening/closing those connections, especially when you have multiple users. You’ll need to share some information about what exactly is giving you problems. Please share your code and any error messages you are getting. (Be careful not to share your credentials, but please share enough code for us to see what/how you are connecting so we can understand how the app initializes and what the app is doing when it reruns from user activity.)



Yes you were right. I’ve made a mistake on handling database connections and this caused the problem

Thanks for your feedback