Set a category for your deployed app

I successfully deployed my app and it runs and is accessible, I set it to public.
Now I see there is an app gallery with categories → App Gallery • Streamlit
And I’m wondering how I can set a category for my app so it appears in the gallery and in the right section. I can see my app listed on my , but I don’t see any way to add a category or metadata and I don’t even know whether it shows up in the gallery (don’t see a search function here).

Also when I hover over the globe icon it says “This app can be accessed by anyone with the URL”. Does this mean it’s not listed in the gallery?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are the links, I don’t think it’s important to solve the issue, but I guess I have to adhere the rules:

Hi @Xwoe

Not all apps are included in the Gallery, rather the Gallery is curated list of apps that our in-house team come up with if we feel would make a great example for others to be inspired by.

gotcha, thanks for the heads up!