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pediatric solid tumor patient-derived xenograft (pstPDX) · Streamlit

This dataset included totally around 70 PDXs from 65 different patients, including 16 different subtypes, which were collected from hepatoblastoma Wilms tumor, germ cell tumor, osteosarcoma, neuroblastoma, clear cell sarcoma, Ewing sarcoma …

  • All PDXs are early passage subcutaneous PDX, collected from the first generation mice

  • We conducted whole-exome sequencing, whole-genome sequencing and RNAseq to both PDX, PT and matched germline samples

  • We have a total of 25 samples with paired PT-PDX sequencing data

Using this website, you can:

  • Get the basic information of this dataset
  • Plot the gene expression across different cancer type
  • Get the somatic mutation and gene expression of your interested gene

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