Share app in streamlit with elastic search


First, thanks for this wonderfull framework !

I wanted to try the streamlit share thing (I have everything set up) but infortunately my app need to run an elasticsearch instance in the backend to store information…

I’m afraid the answer will be that it’s not possible with streamlit share and I will need to go to heroku or aws.

Furthermore, I need some transformers models which are quite heavy so I guess the space will be limiting as well…

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Ierezell, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Right now, the only limiting factor for the use-case you are describing would be a lack of secrets management for your Elasticsearch instance. We are working quickly to remove that limitation.

Once you get into more resources required, then yes, you might need to evaluate other solutions. Streamlit sharing is meant to get people up-and-running quickly, but there’s a limit to what we can provide for free. Early next year, we will be releasing our paid version, tentatively called ‘Streamlit for Teams’, which will provide more computational power at various pricing levels.



Hi @randyzwitch, thanks for the reply !

If I don’t have compromising datas and I don’t mind not securing my elasticsearch instance would it be possible right now ?

For the performance, I don’t mind the instance to be (really) slow, it’s just a proof of concept and I can manage to quantize my models to make them fit in memory.

For now I just ngrok my server to my collegues or anyone who wants to see it but having it online would be more useful (and fun).

Thanks for your help !

Hi everyone -

Secrets management is now available in Streamlit sharing! You need to upgrade to version 0.80 of Streamlit, the temporary documentation location is linked below.