Streamlit Cloud Platform Will be available in a long term? I have a few Doubts!

Hi Folks.

Nowadays i use heroku plus some free credits that i get it (when he closed the free plan to host on cloud). Since then, i tried to added some kind of analytics to track my app activities through google analytics, but didn’t worked so far. Although, i was willing to host my two streamlit apps that i have, on streamlit cloud (which i know) can track some user insights ( which it’s what i’m looking for) but my main concerned is if this streamlit cloud platform will be available forever? or however in a long-long-long term? Because it’s difficult to my keep moving these apps from one place to another…

Hi @feliperoque

Community Cloud generously provides free hosting for an unlimited number of public/non-profit apps.

Please see the Terms of Use for a detailed discussion on the Community Cloud service:

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