Sharing Streamlit apps need better media picture

When posting a link to an app, it would be nice if there was a default picture as some other sites do. For example:

The image thumbnail is simply blank, which is not very inviting thing to click on. Even a Streamlit logo would be better than what we see right now.

I’m not sure how this works, but maybe this is the right place to start looking?


Hi @metasemantic,

Quick note, your app is absolutely beautiful :slight_smile: it deserves its own topic on the forum!

Back to the topic, I believe this is being discussed internally, and kind of tracked in this issue. Will push your proposal to the team to bump it up :wink:



Cool, glad to know it’s on the roadmap. You’re moving so quickly already, it’s great!

Where’s the best place to post my app?


A new topic under the Show the Community section is perfect :slight_smile: