ShopLit πŸ”₯: Shopify Streamlit App

:fire: ShopLit :fire:
:wave:t2: I built an example Shopify App Powered by Streamlit and Flask deployed on heroku.


  1. shopify-streamlit-app-example: Contains the Flask App that interfaces with Shopify
  2. shopify-streamlit-dashboard: Contains the streamlit dashboard that interfaces with the Flask App

Feedback/questions are welcome.


Where is the app itself

Hey Kareem, are you looking to install it on a shopify store, or just play around with it in a browser?

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just play around it in a browser

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It only works as an app.
There’s no way to publish it broadly outside of a Shopify store.

If you make a dev Shopify store (free) you could install and play around with it.

Just play around with it