Should I Deploy to streamlit cloud?

I have a streamlit application, I am thinking of deploying it now.

Will the sttreamlit cloud hosted app visible in peoples web search feed? (or it would be public url only)

Plus whats the pricing for it?


Yes, apps deployed on the streamlit community cloud would be indexed weekly by search engines. If your app is public, anybody can search for your app on a search engine and it would show up with the description you provided.

Here is an app I deployed and I can see on Google with just a simple search :

You can also refer to the docs, for more information :



Btw is it free?

Yes it is completely free,
you can also get your custom domain.

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That’s great, do custom domain means I can remove at the end of the deployed website? and change it to


No, is mandatory at the end, you can change anything befor it.

like -

I searched “capsum streamlit app” on internet and I can not see your web app.
do you know why?

Even I got .

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