Show nearby values in a list when using selectbox

Hi when using selectbox, supposing there are 50 elements in it and I have chosen the 45 th one and in order to choose the last one, I need to scroll again to the bottom.
Though highlighting of present element/option is present, it helps if the showing of list starts around or from the chosen option (in this one needs to scroll to top).
Please state your opinion or let me know if this is already present, thanks.

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Hey @kalyan !

There is an amazing feature built-in which allows you to filter, you can just start writing a part of the string which you need.

for example, if you have [‘banana’, ‘apple’, ‘orange’] in the list, you can start typing ‘ban’ and you will get a filtered list of selection which will contain only banana.

(This also can be a part of the string which is not the start of the string).

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Thanks for letting me know.
But the point I mentioned helps when the user is unaware of the list elements and especially if the options is big.

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Hi @kalyan,

I’m not familiar with a way to do that but I would recommend digging through some of the multiselect-related forum posts and asking other members of the community if they have any ideas.

For example:

I would also recommend reconsidering whether a single multiselect is the best option for a list of 50 elements. Can you group the options into a few categories and then provide users with a multiselect for each category?



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