Show temperature in map

Hi, i have a csv data with many year information about temperature is posible show in map with color and cover this map i have a 2 column with lat and long with other 12 column with represent month of year.
can someone tell me what to read to do this or is possible?


Hi @Carlos_Rocha, welcome to the Streamlit community!

We have a convenience function that sounds like what you are trying to do:

If you need more control over the map, is stpydeck_chart under-the-hood, so you can customize whatever you’d like based on the pydeck Python library


Hi @randyzwitch yes i used but i have a more question
my csv have column lat,lon temperature, i would like put in the map temperature
i have this code

DATA_URL = ('../path/file.csv')

def load_data(nrows):
    data = pd.read_csv(DATA_URL, nrows=nrows)
    lowercase = lambda x: str(x).lower()
    return data
data = load_data(10000)
df = pd.DataFrame({'lat': data['lat'], 'lon': data['lon']}) 

this code put the point in the map for latitud and longitud not the temperature
how to put the temperature??

Right, is for quick geospatial scatterplots. Since you need more control, you’ll need to use st.pydeck_chart

From the pydeck documentation (I haven’t tried it though), it appears that you can use an expression parser to pass values to vary the colormap of a scatterplot: