Showing full facet plot in fullscreen mode

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to plot a facet plot with altair and the graphs show up fine on the page

However, once expanded to full screen mode, it’s way too zoomed in
How can I show the entire facet plot without it being so zoomed in during full screen mode?

def barchart2(df,title, x_column, y_column, color, column): st.title(title) x = x_column+':N' y = 'mean('+y_column+'):Q' color = color+':N' column = column+':N' c = alt.Chart(df).mark_bar().encode( x=alt.X(x), y =alt.Y(y), color=color, facet = alt.Facet(column, columns = 8, header = alt.Header(labelFontSize = 6, labelColor = 'white', labelPadding = 2, labelLimit = 80))).properties(width = 800, height = 100) return st.altair_chart(c)

Thank you in advance for your help.