Simple, working user authentication

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new with Streamlit and so far it is very cool. I’m building a simple monitoring app and I would like to add a login form to my page. I found several pages about that and especially this “Material login” in the example (component-template/examples/MaterialLogin at master · streamlit/component-template · GitHub)

Is there anyone who already used this example ? Is it working as it is ?

Hi @MartinR, welcome to the Streamlit community!

In general, yes, that pattern works for a simple authentication. The biggest downside is having the credentials hard-coded into the code and/or whether your code is public (as it would be if it were hosted on Streamlit sharing).

But for things that aren’t strictly private (like health information, financial, etc.), just that you don’t want people looking at, that pattern is fine.