Slider control overflow between beta.columns


I love using streamlit for dashboard development, and the beta.columns control has been really useful to provide more well-structured content distribution on the page.

However, I am experiencing this problem (see attached screenshot) where slider control overflow from one beta.columns container horizontally to the neighbouring container.

As seen below, I have 4 beta.columns containers in 2x2 formation on the page, each has identical layout - a slider followed by a chart. You can see that the slider control on the top left container is spilling over to the container on the right, overlapping with the slider control on the top right container. The correct rending should be identical to the bottom half of this screenshot, where contents of both containers are rendered side-by-side.

This problem doesn’t always happen, but take place fairly regularly, perhaps once in every 10 renderings. I could usually make it go away by refreshing a couple of times, but it would be great if this can be sorted out when it comes out of the β€œbeta” stage

Also, any temporary trick or fix that can overcome this problem would be great