Slider current value is not displayed with streamlit 0.73.x

Is streamlit 0.73.x an officially released versoin?

By upgrading to or fresh installing 0.73.x, on my pc slider fails to show current value.
I tested with this simple code on Ubuntu18, python3.8. When I hover over slider’s current value mark by mouse, it is shown.

import streamlit as st
num = st.slider('num', min_value=1, max_value=1000, step=10)

I tested with pip9.0.1 and pip20.3.3 to install streamlit, either way it fails with 0.73.x.
0.72.0 works fine with both versions of pip.
Obviously it must be related to client code which runs on web broswer, and pip freeze
output is identical between any installation using 0.72.0 or 0.73.x, except for streamlit version itself. I got tricked into believing 0.72.0 had same issue but I needed to restart web browser after testing 0.73.x .

At the moment I can stick to 0.72.0.
Any workaround suggestions if I have to use 0.73.x ?

Many thaks, for this wonderful software.

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self replying.
someone has put an issue on this, so I just wait till its resolved and new version released.


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0.74.x is released but no change of the slider situation.
Can we have option to programatically enalbe old behavior, which is to show current value always, in future releases?

Web browser window is small. If slider shows current value, no need to do st.write(current_value) using more space. We have many sliders in sidebar and the space is limited. Table layout is not possible in sidebar at the moment so we cannot display current value side by side to slider.

Another option is to display all current values somewhere so that users can see w/o hovering, but that might clutter the browser window, make it look less stylish.
Or, use another component implementation of slider.

I will need to upgrade streamlit version sooner or later since currently there is a bug in sidebar that shows extra empty space at the top.
Both of the issues are annoying to our end user…

Now the issue is closed,

saying there is no way to do it using current version of BaseWeb.

so doable options for now can be something like below。
The first one would be the one to go, but order of description text and slider itself will be reversed.

import streamlit as st

num1 = st.slider('', min_value=1, max_value=1000, step=10, key='num_slider_01')
st.write(f'num1 = {num1}')

st.write(' ')  # add vertical space for visibility

num2 = st.slider('using slider label', min_value=1, max_value=1000, step=10, key='num_slider_02')
st.write(f'num2 = {num2}')

st.write(' ')  # add vertical space for visibility

placeholder = st.empty()
num3 = st.slider('', min_value=1, max_value=1000, step=10, key='num_slider_03')
placeholder.write(f'placeholder num3 = {num3}')

and the result looks like this: