Slider **value** visibility!


For slider widgers, having label_visibility ("visible" or "hidden" or "collapsed") is nice, but could we also have

  • value_visibility ("visible" or "hidden" or "collapsed")
  • range_visibility ("visible" or "hidden" or "collapsed")
    :blush: Or, even better, custom values / ranges?


Here is a slider for my app
Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 18.06.37

I would like options to remove / collapse / customise the 1 and the 1257 (I’d like them to just say “more” and “less”, but behind the scenes remain numeric). I’d also like the option to remove / modify the current value (here as 50).

Any work-arounds? Await an update? Thanks! :relieved:

Hi @altanner,

Thanks for sharing this suggestion! Feel free to submit a feature enhancement request here if you’d like our product and engineering teams to take a look.