Hi there!

Get all your science-related doubts solved with SmartClarify.

This AI-based doubt-solving app has been built using the Google Gemini API and LangChain.

Enter your question or upload an image of your problem (e.g., a handwritten math problem), and receive a clear, easy-to-understand explanation. You can then continue the discussion on the topic if needed.

How to use it:

  • Write your question in the space provided, upload an image if needed and click submit…

  • It gives a nice laid-out explanation. After which, a chat input appears and you can continue discussing the topic.
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Here’s the link to the repo: rhythmd18/SmartClarify


Your app is not opening

Thanks for pointingt out!! I’d pasted a wrong link. My bad.
Go ahead a check it out. It should fire up fine now.

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