Snowflake connection error

I was attempting to build an LLM-powered chatbot called FROSTY. I am following a resource on the official Snowflake website. In that resource, it is mentioned to install Miniconda from the Anaconda website. However, due to our company policies, we do not have access to that website. Therefore, I tried setting up Streamlit using pip commands instead of conda commands, and I was able to run three out of the four codes in the Frosty chatbot application. Only the main chatbot code,, is not running, and I am encountering the error mentioned above. I have verified all my credentials, and I have a working OpenAI API key. I have also installed all the required libraries using pip. Please investigate this issue.

The error i am getting.
OperationalError: 250001: Could not connect to Snowflake backend after 1 attempt(s).Aborting

Hi @Anand :wave:

I answered your question here:

It seems both of these posts are duplicates.


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