'Snowflake Usage Insights Streamlit App' failing to connect to show insights

Hi Team, I am trying to deploy the Snowflake usage insights app using streamlit as per the official github link here.
The error I am getting is shown below:

It is not able to connect to snowflake backend for some reason and hence the insights are not being displayed. I have created the secrets.toml file as well as per my environment
Kindly provide some guidance regarding this issue.

Hey @Satyaki_Guha,
Thanks for sharing this question and apologies for the delayed response. This error usually indicates that one or more of the pieces of your account credentials are incorrect – I would double-check that your credentials are 100% correct.

user = "..."
account = "..."
password = "..."
warehouse = "..."

@Caroline Thanks for pointing, I guessed pretty much. Will it be possible for you to indicate the placeholders for these values or atleast what they should ideally be - a short description maybe.

Hey @Satyaki_Guha,
This page here walks you through the process of finding your account identifier, which should be the ACCOUNT value.

PASSWORD is your Snowflake password (the same password you use to log into Snowflake), while WAREHOUSE is the name of the warehouse you want to use. You can retrieve the names of all the warehouses you have access to via SHOW WAREHOUSES. USER should be the username that you’re using to log into Snowflake.