Some interesting observations

Deployed successfully very simple test app within 5 minutes of receiving the beta testing membership. Of course, Everything was complete and ready at the git repo and just waiting for the greatest mail.

But some major points:

  • The two IP addresses which appear in the bottom of the right panel not working, they loop back to the google search page or time-out error page when I just copy-paste it in the browser address bar.

  • The side-bar icon misleading, I thought the, X icon, will make the sidebar close and neve comes back. But it just collapses to the left of the window and can come back using the right-pointing arrow ( here correct icon used).
    My thinking is that the sidebar collapsing icon would have been < ( left-pointing arrow) instead of the X icon.

  • Streamlit solved many headaches of deployment, as I am a pure ml and dl guy. Like to Thank the team and Streamlit company.

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Hey @KVSSetty,

Welcome to the Streamlit community! I’m go glad to hear that you were able to deploy quickly and easily after receiving your invite. That’s why Streamlit Share was created!

Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate it and are always looking for ways to improve! :pray:

I can let the team know of your points. Also, could you link your launched app in your post?

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi @KVSSetty -

One thing to keep in mind about those IP addresses is that they are referring to the network where the app is running, so they won’t be available for you outside of our cluster. The app will work at the URL that’s provided to you in the Streamlit sharing launch menu.