Specify requirements.txt file

I finally used streamlit sharing, and congrats on a really easy to use interface. its a delight to be able to so easily put an interactive web app live.

I have one request: the ability to specify a specific requirements.txt file.

My use case is that on a git push I have a github action which does other stuff (CI, etc) which doesn’t write back to the repo. This uses libraries not needed for the streamlit app itself. So I’d like to have a requirements-streamlit.txt file for streamlit and another one for other actions.

I figure this will be handy for other users as well, and saves streamlit some server oomph by not installing un-necessary files.

The three app limit - would like to see that more relaxed, maybe think of it in terms of compute power available, rather than number of apps. Would like to add more, and since most of them won’t be used by anyone but me won’t be hitting any limits anyways.

Hi @khalido, thanks for the feedback. I believe we have something like this on tap, where you can either specify a specific requirements.txt file or we’re going to start looking for the requirements.txt file local to the directory where the app is specified. Perhaps @thiago can give a bit more insight.

I can’t promise anything here, but I understand your viewpoint. Once we have a better handle on what it costs to run this service, the performance characteristics of large pools of apps, then we will evaluate whether this restriction can be increased/removed.

Thanks for using Streamlit sharing!