St_annotated_text not working

st_annotated_text (1.0.1) package installed but can’t import this package using python3.7 in conda base environment on Ubuntu18.04. Installed streamlit version is 0.72.0.

installed using
pip install st-annotated-text

tried to import package using
import st_annotated_text

Get the following error:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘st_annotated_text’

Pls help resolve this issue.

Hey @Vikrant welcome to the forum!

From the README of the project, the import code seems to be:

from st_annotated_text import annotated_text.

and an example code:

import streamlit as st
from st_annotated_text import annotated_text

# Annotated text example

Below is an example of how to use the annotated_text function:

    "This ",
    ("is", "verb", "#8ef"),
    " some ",
    ("annotated", "adj", "#faa"),
    ("text", "noun", "#afa"),
    " for those of ",
    ("you", "pronoun", "#fea"),
    " who ",
    ("like", "verb", "#8ef"),
    " this sort of ",
    ("thing", "noun", "#afa"),

Can you try this way and tell us if it works ?


Hey @Vikrant,

Try doing
from annotated_text import annotated_text

@andfanilo Indeed from st_annotated_text import annotated_text does not work for me either :confused:

Hope it helps !

Psst. its supposed to be that way, it looks like the changes were not made to readme

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Ah…thanks for actually checking @ash2shukla, time to make a PR then!

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Thanks for your response.

Typically any function from the module can called using any of:

import moduleName # import module
moduleName.functionName # call function from the module
from moduleName import functionName # directly import the specifc function
functionName # call the function

I was trying the first approach.

Thanks for helping solve this problem.

Agree, that updates required in the github README as well as at PythonPackage Index