stopped working on iOS Safari (again?)


It seems that stopped working on iOS Safari. Similar issue was already resolved in 2020 so…potential regression? Before posting an issue to github I would be gratefull if someone could check if you are encountering the same behavior :slight_smile:

Hey @TomJohn,

It works on my computer! Is it just not playing the audio on yours?

Actually I take that back, it’s only working on Chrome (not Safari)

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Posted a response on the GitHub Issue, but I think you need to set format="audio/mpeg" for mp3s, and it should work. :slight_smile: Let me know if you hit any more issues.

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Hi @kmcgrady, thank you, it works! Awsome! I guess that we could edit the documentation to include this little but quite important fact :wink:

I’d hesitate to say it’s a docs issue. The default mime type for is audio/wav. Depending on the file you want to play, it can be audio/aac, audio/midi, audio/ogg, audio/webm, and so on:

The RFC-defined mime type for .mp3 files is audio/mpeg, not audio/mp3 as was in the app. Seems like programming user-error to me.

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Hi @snehankekre! True. It’s not a matter of insufficient documentation, however as an end-user, it would be helpful to have an MP3 example included in the documentation for better usability :slight_smile:

Fair point! If it’s a fairly common use-case, it definitely warrants an example :+1: I’ll add one this week :smile:

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