St.camera_input() on Raspberry Pi with Arducam (IMX519)


Hi I would like to create a streamlit WebApp which shows the live feed of the camera. On windows it is working with my webcam and the st.camera_input function. But on my Raspberry Pi 4 unfortunately it is not. I got an IMX519 from Arducam. All drivers installed and everything else working fine. But when I open up the Streamlit page, I allow the page to access the camera but the grey frame which says “This app would like to use your camera” remains and I get no live video.

Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue on a Raspberry Pi 4 with the vanilla Pi Camera 2-module. I can use the libcamera-hello program to preview the camera, so I know that it’s working. The browser never asks me for permission to use the camera when loading the Streamlit app. This is the case for both Chromium and Firefox.

To test further I connected a USB web cam to the RPI. Although browsing is a bit slow and the pop-up asking for permission takes a while to appear, everything seems to work fine. I used to test this camera, since I didn’t have Streamlit code which could read the USB camera.

The exact same code runs fine on my Macbook with an integrated webcam. The browser asks permission to use the camera. It just doesn’t work on the RPI with the Pi Camera.

Does anyone know why?

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