St.columns() replacement for streamlit 0.78


For a known issue due to lower Rstudio connect version, I have to use streamlit 0.78 to deploy the app on the connect. It looks like the st.columns() was not yet available for the 0.78.

Iโ€™m using it to create equal space for charts on my dashboard. Is there a replacement of the columns() I can use in the 0.78 version streamlit?

Sorry Iโ€™m new in streamlit development and this is my first post.
Thank you for your time

Hi there!
No worries about being new! :smile:

I tried checking and it seems like st.beta_columns can be used in the 0.78 version!
The code can look something like this:

with col1:
   Item in row1

with col2:
   Item in row1

with col1:
  Item in row2

with col2:
   item in row2

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your solution! It works.

However, I discovered more errors relevant to the version compatibility issues. I eventually convinced my manager to go with the latest streamlit version and community cloud for deployment. So that I donโ€™t have to worry about it anymore.

Thank you and have a good day.