St.markdown does not support table striping

st.markdown renders according to Github Flavoreded Markdown GFM. Although table striping is not part of the GFM-specifications, Github styles tables with striping. Streamlit does not.
I would appreciate to see Streamlit render tables with striping, too.

Row 2 of the following markdown string will be highlighted with gray background on Github, but not with st.markdown

| foo | bar |
| --- | --- |
| baz | bim |
| highlight | highlight|
| baz | bim |

github table striping

streamlit table striping

Hi @juk-stata, welcome to the community! :wave:

This could either be a bug report (if Streamlit isn’t conforming to GFM) or an enhancement/feature request (if table striping is outside of the GFM spec).

Either way, I would encourage you submit an issue in the Streamlit repo to bring this to the attention of our engineers.

Have many thanks for your reply. I’ve added an issue, see St.markdown does not support table striping · Issue #5351 · streamlit/streamlit (

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